Remembrance Day

Another solemn Remembrance Day has come and gone. D-Day Dice, the "storm the beaches" Kickstarter war-game mentioned in our previous post, surpassed $50,000 in funding today. Designer Emmanuel Aquin and the publisher, Valley Games, will be giving out some additional content to commemorate the milestone but they're still waiting on information from the manufacturer before they announce it. At this rate, the funding milestones are being met faster than the quotes can come in from the publishers.

Congratulations Emmanuel, and all the best as the advance continues.

The other wargame we've covered recently is 1812: The Invasion of Canada, by Ontario designers Beau Beckett and Jeph Stahl. Its American publisher, Academy Games, has been shaking up the wargame industry lately with its lush, Eurostyle production values and beautiful components. Despite its showing at Essen the game is not yet available at retail, however. You can expect it to launch later this month.

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