Welcome aboard!

Welcome to my official site where I'll be showcasing my games as they are published.

2010 is looking to be a big year for me but the first of my board games might just find its way onto store shelves in 2009. More on that once details are officially announced.

In the meantime, I also lead a double life in the world of digital games and have spent over a decade as a senior game designer with a company called BioWare (now a studio of Electronic Arts). My first game with them was the delightful Dungeons & Dragons RPG, Baldur's Gate, and I went on to serve as Lead Designer on our followup title, Neverwinter Nights. In November, we'll be launching Dragon Age: Origins, our most ambitious game to date, and I'm working on the Live Team, developing content that will be available following the game's release.

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  1. Congratulations on all your success. I can't wait to see what you do with board games! I thought of you because I am writing again...
    good luck. take care.